COVID-19 Employee Safety Resources


Regarding the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (Updated March 13, 2020)

A message from our CEO, Steve Koesters:


First and foremost, we want to thank all of our valuable travelers who are working hard to make sure all of our family, friends, and neighbors are remaining safe and cared for during this time. Without travel healthcare professionals, there would be a tremendous gap in the level of care our country would receive. Your role is more important than ever right now. We truly appreciate dedicating your time to help while exposing yourself to danger. You are the true heroes!


Our leadership team has been actively monitoring information and recommendations from the CDC related to the outbreak of COVID-19. We understand these unchartered waters can come with stress and uncertainty, and Fusion is committed to supporting our front line clinicians, who are working incredibly hard and making sacrifices to protect our country. Because of this, Fusion is going to pay our Travelers through patient-focused exposure situations. We want to give our clinicians the support to focus on patient care, rather than worrying about their pay or exposure. We will compensate travelers for up to two weeks at their then current contract rate of pay (and stipends) if they are mandated to self-quarantine due to exposure or infection of the COVID-19 virus.


Fusion is also taking a proactive step to ensure our continued ability to serve our travelers. As you may have seen, medical experts are encouraging “social distancing” as a way to reduce the number of individuals who become ill. It is important for us as a healthcare company to commit to this approach and do our part to minimize the impact of this situation. Effective Monday, March 16, all Fusion internal employees will be working from home. What makes Fusion unique is our passion to make the lives of everyone we touch better. As travelers, we expect you to lean on your recruiters during this time and we will do whatever we can to support our Fusion Family members.


As a healthcare company, we are doing our part to limit the social impact of this disease through social distancing and other preventative measures including actions to reduce risks associated with non-essential travel. For that reason, we do not recommend that you engage in personal travel at this time. Please reach out to your facility and recruiter if you choose to travel for personal reasons prior to or during your assignment as this may impact your assignment. You should also check the CDC’s travel information website and other resources for the latest information about the spread of the coronavirus, including this interactive dashboard and map from the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine.


Official Company Statement

We understand COVID-19 can evolve daily so we have been monitoring the situation closely. As we come together to support our healthcare professionals, please know that we are continuing to evaluate every policy to ensure our travelers are taken care of by Fusion. Please watch our official company statement from our CEO.


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Emergency and Non-Emergency Contact Information

The following is general safety information and not intended to be a comprehensive guide.

>  For all emergencies, contact Police, Fire, and EMS by dialing 911.

>  For onsite non-emergencies, please first contact your immediate supervisor at the facility followed by your Fusion recruiter.